Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Commercial disputes remain a daily reality in any market, including Indonesia, and thus LGS maintains a dedicated practice for dispute resolutions praised by international 500 Fortune companies. Diving straight into litigation before exploring alternative dispute resolution is not always a good option to settle business disputes. Nobody really wins in a litigation process. GAP lawyers, led by its senior partners, advise clients, particularly international clients, to take softer approaches to get a faster and better solution, highlighting options for resolution. With more than 40 years of experience in corporate and business law practices, dispute resolution, and mature networking in the government and business circles, GAP lawyers offer privately-managed discussions or mediation involving the disputing parties, and propose reasonable solutions for both parties that are also commercially viable. Only in cases where the other party acts in bad faith would LGS advise clients to take disputes to national and international arbitration, or to courts of law, equipped with strong legal arguments. GAP applies the highest standard of governance and professional ethics in handling all legal matters assigned by its clients, including when our lawyers have to deal with arbitration tribunals or courts of law.

GAP has been preferred by national and international clients in handling civil, criminal and administrative disputes in the areas of corporate and corporate finance, fair business competition, trade, environmental issues, banking, capital markets, and many others.