Telecommunication & IT

GAP has vast experience in assisting the Indonesian government in relation to the formulation of policy issues that are applied to telecommunication industry. GAP has also assisted the private sector in dealing with establishment of business, compliance, licensing, and operations of their business. This industry develops very quickly with new products and services reaching every corner of Indonesia, with players in direct competition with one another.

IT development affects almost all industries, at level where disruptions to industries, regulators, workers, and society cannot be accurately predicted. There is also the big question of how lawyers would work or provide their services, in the dawning of Artificial Intelligence and its potential applications within legal service provision, and also other services provision. LGS has been applying a consistent practice of using IT in its services. LGS Online, as a separate entity to the law firm, provides data, information, forms, legal memoranda, agreements, and other products not only for a useful tool for GAP lawyers to work better, consistently and efficiently, but also used by other law firms, in-house lawyers and other users. A platform used for providing much better, efficient, and cheaper products is already laid out in GAP Online. Technology advancement and the LGS Team will eventually, will continue to strive to improve the systems for securing the best available solutions to clients and users. On the legal aspects of IT services, the GAP team is capable of providing services to clients in the development of client’s IT systems, including legal protection of the data and IT systems and development of IT governance systems.